Production Update | April 2018



We've made some significant progress on the majority of the SKUNKLOCK components and have begun assembly of the crossbar.  Unfortunately, we've had some unexpected issues with the manufacturing of the shackle (the "U" part).  We have discovered that the special coating, both internally and externally, of the shackle was not done properly and upon further testing, it is clear that it is insufficient in both thickness and coverage.  This issue was particularly difficult to uncover under in our original QC review because the shackle and lock "works" to a high degree; however, improper coating will result in a significant decline in shelf life and long-term effectiveness of the formula. 

We cannot risk our lock losing effectiveness after a couple of years, so we're now in the process of sending back the shackles for recoating, and in some cases reproduction.  Because the shackle is necessary for final assembly and packaging, it's estimated that we will not be able to continue the final assembly for an additional 15 days when we receive the recoated shackles.


Current product status:

1.  Packaging is designed and completed, and it's unlike anything you've seen on the shelf in your local bike shop (in a really good way)!

2.  All crossbar components completed, crossbar assembly currently in effect.  

3.  We've secured shipping channels to ensure our product gets to your doorstep safe and sound.   


Thanks for your support,
Daniel Idzkowski
CEO | SkunkLock, Inc.