Production Update | March 2018


SKUNKLOCK Backers: This is a short and sweet update to inform you all that our production line is back up and running as of today.  We are scheduled to receive updated samples of the components that did not meet QC standards prior to Chinese New Year downtime by March 12th.  At that point, we will again evaluate and continue the manufacture and assembly processes. 


What have we completed during the Chinese New Year downtime?  

1.  We have developed and/or improved our Quality Control documents and processes to ensure all locks maintain the standard of quality we expect.

2.  We have completed a new and improved packaging design that will suit our marketing goals and ensure the lock is air-sealed on arrival.

3.  We have kept to our promise to begin educating our current and future supporters on the industry, and best practices for using your lock and keeping you bike or motorcycle safe.  We have kicked this off with a blog post that has already received over 800 "clops" on Medium and will continue to add posts to our blog that will include, "How to get inside the mind of a thief" and "How to lock your bike, and not get it stolen".  

You can read our first post, "5 Things Lock Companies Don't Want You To Know" here.


Thanks for your support,
Daniel Idzkowski
CEO | SkunkLock, Inc.