Production Update | May 2018


SKUNKLOCK Backers: We have yet another update for you all on our production process and hope this will give you a better idea of where the product stands.  As of May 22nd, the majority of components have successfully passed sampling and are approaching completion.  To our disappointment, the shackle (the "U" part) is still not completed by our component manufacturer.  Last week, we were made aware by our third party management partner that this specific manufacturer had significantly overestimated their ability to produce this component to the specifications and detail we require.  This is the single most important component and requires the highest level of detail to work properly, so there is no room for error, and this wasn't taken seriously by this manufacturer.  We have since found alternate options, as well as an alternate solution to the coating for longevity issue described in the last update and we are in the process of receiving samples with this new method.  Although more expensive and requiring an additional part made, this new method allows no room for error and will effectively make the SkunkLock last forever without an expiration.  

This situation is a frustrating and unavoidable byproduct of at-scale outsourcing; as many manufacturers are competing for your coveted contract, it is not uncommon for one to overstate their capabilities and try to "figure it out" later, at the cost of the client and without respect to our delivery expectations.  Because we are now working in a "deliver on time and a perfect product or you don't get paid" contract structure, we now have full confidence in our new supplier and believe they will be able to deliver a flawless shackle by the end of June.


Thanks for your ongoing support,
Daniel Idzkowski
CEO | SkunkLock, Inc.