Shipping Update | September 2018


SKUNKLOCK Backers: I know it has been some time since our last major update, so I wanted to take some time to let you all know where we stand in our endeavor to finally get the first Deterrent Lock into the hands of cyclists and motorcyclists around the world. I want to ensure everyone that we are working incredibly hard to realize our vision, but more importantly, that truly disruptive innovation takes a very long time.

When we set out to build the first “deterrent lock” that utilizes chemicals to combat theft, we knew it was going to be a long, unpredictable, and incredibly challenging road. We also knew that we had every tool in our arsenal to make it happen, and how important it was that we succeed. We planned accordingly, raised capital, engaged the right partners, legal professionals, scientists, industry experts, and our gracious investors and backers. Even through some of the most unpredictable circumstances, namely, when I was struck by a vehicle while walking through a crosswalk in July and enduring a 6 week recovery, with the support and dedication of our team we’ve managed to keep making consistent strides (apologies for the radio-silence).

However, a company must choose wisely when to bump into walls and when to break through them when trying to revolutionizing an industry. In our case, exposing the lies that existing bike lock companies tell their customers about the effectiveness of their products, or providing bogus Theft-Protection Policies (read more here), and creating the SkunkLock was a pivotal choice for us to “break the walls”. However, in the last few weeks, we’ve chosen it’s in the best interest of our backers, and for the long-term mission of our company to “play by the rules”. We are doing everything in our power to ensure that SkunkLock not only passed compliance and is legal, but that it stays legal for years to come and avoid a situation similar to the scooter ban in San Francisco. This process requires a number of measures which include third party evaluations of our formulas, thorough testing, working with local governments, and in some cases making small changes to product packaging and/or the formula to ensure safe shipment. This is the reason for any and all delays we’ve experienced recently in shipping, in particular, our European shipments. And unfortunately, this process is unpredictable as it requires input from many agencies which are notorious for inefficiency. And, as a result, we’ve only begun shipping out products to those of you that live in regions with the simplest regulatory processes first (South America) and certain areas of the United States. We are working on creating an estimated shipping chart based on location (Country/State). For now, we hope that this general overview of our progress will suffice.


Major Events and Milestones:  

1.  As a result of our Quality Control processes, we’ve identified new more effective alternatives to our current propellant (what creates pressure in the lock) that will reduce risk of increasing pressure to unnecessarily high levels as the lock heats up, presumably if left in the sun on a warm summer day.

2.  We have completed our packaging design requirements to ensure that all markings, warnings, and disclaimers are appropriate on a country per country basis. This will suit our marketing goals and ensure the lock is safely air-sealed on arrival globally.

3.  We have tried and tested multiple different formulas depending on the expectations and requirements of governments around the world in order to ensure compliance. There is no material loss in effectiveness between the differing formulas.

What are we still waiting for?

In order to mitigate all risks that would potentially hinder our long-term ability to ship SKUNKLOCK products to cyclists around the world, we have been proactively working with Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) service agencies and local governments to ensure that we build an appropriately designed product and sustainable company. We are currently waiting for results and recommendations from these agencies. This will ensure we stay fully compliant in every country we plan to ship.

When are we shipping en masse?

For those of you that have not yet received, or will not receive your lock for a few more weeks due to the above mentioned reasons, we’re proud to show you a peek of the final product in its packaging.

We think it looks beautiful, and works even better.


Thanks for your support,
Daniel Idzkowski
CEO | SkunkLock, Inc.