Production Update | January 2018


SKUNKLOCK Backers and Supporters:

We are now into our third week of production and assembly.  As per our original Fall 2017 update and expectations set, we've successfully begun production/assembly.  Only one of our components in production required significant mold modifications due to material quality concerns, resulting in a slight delay.  We have not yet secured air freight; however, we have made progress considering a more lenient individual parcel express shipping as a faster (though much more expensive) option than ocean freight. If the final cost estimations are manageable, we are considering this option in order to reduce avoidable delays, even though this will be less cost-effective. 

Although we have not yet run into any significant issues and roadblocks during the production process, our biggest concern now is Chinese New Year downtime for suppliers.  If our manufacturers are unable to complete all units by February 2nd, our production will be subject to delays as a result of mandatory Chinese New Year vacation time.  At this time, we are uncertain whether we will be able to complete all of the 1500 initial units, this is concerning because many of the CMs we have contracted have notified us that they will not be operating until as late as February 26th.  Due to our previous experience with working with suppliers in China, we have no choice but to conservatively assume that we will not make the February 2nd cutoff date, pushing our remaining production into March.  

Even though we may not be able to ship units due to Chinese New Year delays, this will give us the opportunity to begin the final QC and packaging process with the units that are completed.

In order to give more transparency to the process and shed light on the different stages of production, please see this example provided by IndieGoGo.  

We understand that while this is extremely frustrating and is an unfortunate additional delay for our backers, and a hindrance to our ability to further grow the company, there is not much we can do in this instance.

Thank you for the ongoing support,
Daniel Idzkowski,
CEO | SkunkLock, Inc.