Update | June 2017

On behalf of SkunkLock, Inc. I want to thank all our generous backers that have supported us throughout the process of designing and manufacturing the first deterrent lock on the market.  I know many of you have been eagerly awaiting an update from us!

We have successfully completed our evaluation and testing of product samples developed specifically for manufacturing at scale.  The result of these evaluations and testing has necessitated a difficult decision; we have chosen not to place an order for mass manufacturing of our original designs as portrayed in our campaign.  Instead, we plan on shipping a vastly improved version of the SkunkLock at no additional cost to our backers.  Unfortunately, this will delay our original estimated shipping date.  

We had originally planned to release this new version by spring of 2018.  After completing a thorough re-evaluation, we now believe we can ship the new and improved version by fall of 2017.  Shipping a product we no longer consider the “best we can do” and ignoring critical improvements requested by our most passionate supporters in exchange for increased profit and a speedy shipment is not the message we’d like to communicate to both our existing backers and future customers.

Our mission is to continuously improve our products and stay one step ahead of the tools and methods used by thieves; this requires purposeful research and development, constant product innovation, and frequent product iteration.  To stay true to this mission, we cannot ship a product designed and engineered nearly a year ago.  If we did, we would be shortchanging the people that deserve the most from us; our earliest supporters and backers, and we simply won’t do that.  In addition, although this new and improved version will ship at no additional cost to our existing backers, we will be raising our online purchase price to reserve the new version to our originally intended MSRP in the coming weeks. 

We’re excited to show you what’s new with this improved version as we update our marketing materials.  We thank everyone for their patience and ongoing faith and support in our company and mission. 

Daniel Idzkowski,
CEO | SkunkLock, Inc.



What are the key improvements?

We have heard from many of you that being such an effective theft deterrent, the SkunkLock didn’t look the part.  We agreed.  Although we believed our original design was the best lock to deter theft on the market, we think this new design looks as strong as it actually is. 

We’ve made the following changes:

-       Thicker shackle (U loop) to ensure structural integrity and rigidity even after an angle grinder attack.    

-       Thicker and more mechanically advanced crossbar with new innovative anti-theft measures capable of resisting                  attacks from even the most robust tools. 

-       Improved locking mechanism with added picking resistant technology.

-       Tried and tested lock measurements to ensure comfortable and effective use by both cyclists and motorcyclists. 

-       Increased volume of the formula to ensure successful theft deterrence in various situations.



What is the impact to weight and/or practicality?

Although the weight has increased in this new version, we are well within the bounds of the hefty premium or “Sold Secure Gold Standard” U-Locks on the market, though we consider the SkunkLock in a category of its own.  We will be providing exact measurements and weight as we roll out this new version in our marketing materials.  



How did we choose the size measurements (length and width)?

It is important to us to design the SkunkLock so that cyclists can utilize the most effective locking techniques available.  We believe that the only way to fight theft is to provide holistic solutions, and how you lock your bike is just as important as the lock you choose to use. 

We've found that the most effective locking technique is the “Modified Sheldon Brown”, which is designed to protect the two most valuable parts of any bicycle, the frame, and the rear wheel.  We’ve designed the new SkunkLock to allow cyclists to apply this technique effectively in various situations.  Additionally, we have also ensured that this new version can be used effectively with motorcycles, mopeds, and scooters.