Skunklock Inventors Unveil Newest Product: SkunkLock Organic

SAN FRANCISCO, April 1, 2017 | The Skunklock is a major innovation in bike lock technology and is the only lock that punishes would-be thieves as they attempt to steal a bike. U-locks and other bike locks are not difficult to cut, taking less than a minute to compromise with the proper tools. With 1.5 million bikes stolen each year, Skunklock’s inventors Daniel Idzkowski and Yves Perrenoud are determined to combat this epidemic.

While the Skunklock itself releases noxious chemicals that actually induce vomit, this new version of Skunklock promises to provide an all natural deterrent to would-be thieves. The SkunkLock Organic, or SkunkLock O-Lock, provides a real live skunk chained to a bike complete with a chain that is guaranteed to neither harm the bike or the skunk. This organic option unleashes a natural formula that is just as effective as the previous version. While the Organic version may not directly induce vomit in all cases, the odor is so strong and pungent that it doesn’t immediately leave ones clothes and can leave a thief smelling horrible for at least 24 hours, thus providing an additional deterrent.

“We want to make the world a better place and I imagined two ways of doing that,” said co-inventor Daniel Idzkowski. “One way was to make the process of stealing a bike absolutely sickening for anyone who would dare try. The other is to do that sustainably and organically, with no artificial chemicals or preservatives in our formula.”

One benefit of the Skunklock is that it looks and feels exactly like a regular U-lock. The organic version, of course, looks and feels exactly like a skunk. From its black fur with a signature white stripe to its terrible smell, Idzkowski and Perrenoud guarantee that the organic version is 100% skunk.

“Make no mistake, this is a skunk,” Perrenoud told the press. “And it is chained to your bike. How you choose to carry it while riding is totally up to you. Personally I’ve installed a basket in the front of my bike that the skunk enjoys sitting in. I like giving him a scratch behind the ears whenever we’re at a stop light.”

The skunk doubles as a companion to its owners, in some cases being just as friendly and stinky as dogs. But be careful if you hit a pothole. The skunk might get scared and spray you instead.  “We’re obviously still working out the kinks,” Perrenoud added.

When the creators were asked if they were afraid people would cut through the chain in order to steal the skunk, Idzkowski replied, “No. Skunks happen to be very loyal creatures, so I guarantee they would try to return to their owners, which would be frustrating for thieves.  They also smell awful.”

The organic and non-organic versions of SkunkLock will be available summer 2017 for all bikers in need at an affordable rate of $69.99.


Daniel Idzkowski